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I love your Kami stories!  :heart:
For anyone who actually remembers my kamishibai 7th Moon, I actually went the extra mile to make it a novel and self-published it on It's been out for nearly a year, the first few chapters got some alterations and I wrote an additional twelve chapters, so the story has tripled in length. I know I have no write to ask you guys to support me after I exited the community, but I just felt like I wasn't really contributing and you were better off without me. If any of you are still mad, I'm sorry, it was just creative differences, and if any of you felt I made it personal I deeply apologize, art should not get in the way of friendship. If you want to know what happened to Hidariude, Keisei, Kichiku, and Douji after they left the shrine of the golden dragon, I recommend looking into this book.
:wave: Hi! Just inviting everyone from MistressD to Star-Light-Studios, my new gallery I'm making! Happy 2010! [link]
Thanks for the watch >.<
:) Thanks for watching back. I'll do what I can to deserve it, as soon as I understand how to make a kamishibai tale.
Great to have you on board. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
Thanks. As soon as I get my ebook done, I'll go straight to kamishibai. When that time come, I'll count on you, guys.
Jubell Mar 22, 2009   Digital Artist
Oh! If you need help you can always ask one of the artists or ask everyone on the LJ community. We're always willing to help:

Okay people, all 7 chapters of the story are up there, so READ 7th Moon PLEASE. It's waaayyy better than the original I posted a few years back.
zaininsbride Jul 24, 2008
Totally sweet.
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