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Kami - Go, Green, Go 8 by Atelier-Kamishibai Kami - Go, Green, Go 8 by Atelier-Kamishibai
The eighth episode of the Kamishibai Round Robin-esque Series "Go, Green, Go!"

This episode with: :iconredvalkyrie:, :iconkamitenchi:, and :iconsneak-thieves:

Description: "Everything has changed..."

The groups finds themselves lost on what to do after the "death" of Lucy.
As Radar takes Bovary out to cheer him up, Plink and Raptor find the location of a new Chaos Relic. However
when then get there, things don't turn out as planned.

There's also trouble brewing in paradise for Dita and Merot...

See what awaits our heroes as a new chapter in "Go, Green Go" begins!

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Robinton17 Featured By Owner May 2, 2009
Wow! GGG just has the unique ability to go from off the wall crazy to legit story with a complex plot in under 60 seconds and still hang on to both. It's really awesome. You guys did such a great job pulling this one together.

Arima those were some sweet animations. I pressed the "watch again" button a bunch of times to take all that in.

Tenchi "It's super effective" was so perfect. ^_^

And Red: That whole scene with the mother and then the image of the ghosts. That was beautifully drawn

What exactly is a robinton level kami? ::stares with suspicion:: Well lit and unsuspenseful? ~_^
Sneak-Thieves Featured By Owner May 2, 2009
I had to find a middle ground and Your name was in my head. Plus your not as dark as Meg or as cheery as Alex.

Plus name dropping in Kami is fun!
Jubell Featured By Owner May 2, 2009   Digital Artist
This episode turned about to be A-MAZING! The animations and art and story just came together so well. Who knew a pseudo-comedy series could evolve so interestingly.
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May 2, 2009
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